Blue Trax
- with build in amp and speaker -
         - build 2008 -
as a big fan of these ouuuld
resophonic guitars do i have designed these
2 groups of strings:6 / 8 tuned in 4ths.
special head design for save weight and easyer access to the tuners.
build in amp and speaker for play independ from external sound systems. great for sessions with other accoustic
instuments, or playing in the streets for tips, he,he...

neck: mahagony, maple, 2 tussrods, bold on
fretboard: maple, with acacia stripe, nickel silver jumbo frets, 27" scale.
body: birch top, back and sides, black and white bindings
hardware: custom made and engraved in my workshop...
finish: nitro cellulose aged blue
pus: schaller humbucker in single coil form, MEC lipstick humbucker.
electronics: 8 w rms build in amp, org. fender havard 8" speaker from a sixties champ.
powered with 8 aa accu cells.
mono / stereo out for external sound systems.
vol. and tone pot for each pu.
vol. pot , on/off switch for internal amp.
connection for accu charger.

cool tap guitars, man !