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cool tap guitars man!
Honey Comb Thinline
- thinline accoustic tap guitar -
- build from 1205 to 0106 -
new owner:
Oli from Brussels
12 strings, tuned in 4ths. treble group: eadgcf ,
bass group: eadgcf.
(on 2.fret)
30" scale - for using standart guitar strings.
neck: maple, bolt on, 2 two way tusrods.
fretboard: ebony, with honey comb inlay on 5th fret, side dots, nickel silver frets.
2"body: figured maple back and sides, german spruce top, arched braces in a new developed pattern.
electronics: active "schaller" magnetic pu on the neck pos., "headway" snake pu with class a preamp
on the treble side.
active "schaller" magnetic pu on the neck pos. on the bass side.
- for  each string group:
volume pot for each pu and
mono /stereo switch.
bridges: custom made. ebony, with heigth adjustment and snake pu inside.
tailpiece: custom made. ebony and aluminium.
finish: nitrocellulose - vintage honey burst.
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