- cool tap guitars- man!-
.... allways some steps apart of the boooring mainstream ....

my tap guitars:
early worx

solid body tap guitars:
village dump
village dump midi  
daiss bear 17 string custom
18 string custom
lap tap  8 str.
tap mo midi tap guitar 12str.
bruno headless tap guitar 12str.
vilage dump
semi solid tap guitars:
honey comb thinline 12str.
brownie 12str.
bohdi bear fretless tapper 12 str.
blue trax 14 str. reso tapper 12 str.
the lohr bear 17str.
yogi bear 10str.!!NEW!!

archtop tap guitars:
honey comb
blonde big mama bear 24 str.
alpen 12str.
Husky archtop tapper  12 str.
Paul McBear   12.str.
Mahdu-Ha archtop tapper  

other tap guitars
sly fox acoustic tapper 10 str.
TENAYO tap guitar "ZIGGY" 12str.

Siggi on SLY FOX, Conny & Siggi perc.
Siggi on VILLAGE DUMP, prog. tabla, shruti

youtube we´ve also host: (a german site)
Abraxas -
fairytales, music & entertainment for
our books, cds, fine arts.....
our garden, our cats , and many more!  (clic)

Every BEARTRAX tap guitar  
is one-of-a-kind!
Only a very limited number of axes per year
comes outa my workshop.  
If you look for an axe with xx strings, devided
in xy groups, with xyz tunning, for yy kinda
music, drop me a mail.
We can discuss what`s possible, and  makes
sense for your playing ...
When you finally order your dream axe, send
me 50% of the original price. The other 50%
of the bill when it´s ready.  
There´s only 4-5 months, and you will hold
BEARTRAX dream baby in your arms!

mail me for your dream axe!

Siggi Abramzik 0049-6258-81627


we sell

TENAYO ZIGGY Tap guitars

also new:
the ZIGGYs who ordered by me,
are assembled and set up
in my workshop.

- incedible quality - moderate prices -

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