JJ1 reloaded -click for further Infos-
ideal for the traveling musician!

over all lenght: only 34" - 86 cm
12 strings

scale lenght: 32" all standard
strings useable!

all tunnings possible: parallel
4ths, 5th/4ths, crossed, uncrossed -
you will name it...
you can wear this light weight tapper
without a belt hook, only a guitar
strap of your choice hold it in
position! you can lean it on the wall,
or amp without fear. rubber pads on
the bottom gives it a safe  stand.

electronics: 2x tesla active, each
with vol. and tone control.
build in ROLAND midi pu
separate out for each string group.
single stereo out by request.

woods: neck through body
constuction in maple, with 2
mahagony stripes, bubinga / maple

jumbo frets, 2 tussrods, 2 strap
clicks, closed tullip type tuners.

finish: nitro cellulose

a lot of changes are
possible by request
for your special custom
ready for
the new home
by David / USA.
time to say good bye,
BRUNO on the 5th fret ..
back and side view...